VeeHosty is one of the fast-growing hosting companies in India. Established in 2018. Veehosty is competing among the oldest and renowned web hosting company in India. They provide the best hosting products to their customers based on their service, scale, support, and security. VeeHosty is on Top 5 Best Hosting providers soon.

Veehosty offers a wide verity of hosting plans for both beginners and larger businesses with their 24*7 customer support. Their fully trained support team helped you build your business in no time. Veehosty is one of the leading hosting providers and domain providers these days in India. You may also Like to read HostChilly Hosting Review.

VeeHosty Hosting Review

In this article, we would like to go in deep for the review of VeeHosty hosting and tell you more about this hosting and domain provider in India. So without wasting any time let’s start it…

VeeHosty  Products and Services

When it comes to the mater of variety, Veehosty also has many verities to compete with International companies. At VeeHosty, everyone can get everything from here. See the image below.


Veehosty Hosting Review (2019) Detailed


VeeHosty Have 4 different type of hosting plans.

  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting


Shared Hosting – VeeHosty’s

Shared Hosting is the web hosting in Veehosty. You can go for their mini-plan which is starts from RS.35/Month If you looking to go online in no time with a free .com/.in domain.

For controlling the website you get a Cpanel in this plan. In addition to this, your hosting’s security is guaranteed with Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a content delivery network that protects your hosting and website from virus attacks.


Reseller Hosting – VeeHosty’s

If looking to start your own hosting business, VeeHosty also helps you to start your hosting company and providing Reselling Hosting Services.

All you need to do is pay RS.349/Month to VeeHosty to begin your own hosting company. VeeHosty provides you a beautiful storefront, where you sell these services to your clients.

After purchasing the Reseller plan from VeeHosty gives you, your own nameservers, you can set your own pricing and many more. For this plan, many people are already starting their own small hosting companies, not only in India but across the world.


VPS Hosting – VeeHosting’s

If you getting a high amount of traffic and you need to improve your bandwidth, you have to move to VPS Hosting. VPS hosting does not have to share resources like RAM, Disk Space,  etc with others.

The VPS hosting of VeeHosty starts from RS.599/Month provides you free SSD storage(Secure Storage Device) to amplify your storage for your website.


Dedicated Server – VeeHosty’s

As per your needs outgrow your current requirements, you need to upgrade your speed, Bandwidth, and security as well. When you need a dedicated server, It’s available and starts at just RS.5499/Month. In this plan, you will get your monthly bandwidth in TB and the Intel core processor.

This option works very well for clients who need better security or the power to run a larger business or website. You get full root access, email service, database service, DNS support service, core support, a ton of security and much more in this plan of hosting.

Many big companies are providing a dedicated server from RS.6700/Month. But VeeHosty is making it simple and affordable for you. You will get it in just RS.5499/Month with 24*7 customer support, 100% up timing and many more.


In case you will not happy with their Dedicated server, VeeHosty also gets back your money in 30 days.

You also become their partner/affiliate by selling their domain and hosting on your blog/website.

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